Los Juguetes
The Toys
Het Speelgoed
Os Brinquedos

Los Juguetes was my contribution to the theme of the VI Biennial of Havana “The individual and his memory”. Countless photocopies of similar portraits were pasted onto the walls of different locations throughout the city of Havana. On the portraits there are images of old toys or other images of more contemporary subjects. Three of those locations are illustrated here:

A panel on a street wall.

Installation Castillo del Morro. Portraits are placed opposite the windows of a narrow and very long corridor of the fort. Close-ups on the boots of someone walking are alternate with other images of old toys.

Installation Centro Wifredo Lam. Panels “complement” the architectural design of the colonial palace.

Claudio Goulart, VI Bienal de La Habana, 1997.