cable television project, Amsterdam, 1991-1994.

Kanaal Zero produced in total 75 programs for the Amsterdam public access channel, broadcasted monthly and later on every week.On request, those are available for viewing at the Netherlands Media Art Institute.
Kanaal Zero provided artists with the possibility to explore the various aspects of working with television. It was entirely managed and produced by artists. Their role shifted from the usual one of software suppliers for programme makers to another in which the artists themselves can create the context for the presentation of their ideas. Besides the development, production, support and presentation of new projects, Kanaal Zero also presented works produced by others locally or abroad. One aspect of the editorial approach was to broadcast series of programmes on specific themes explored from various angles. Finally the project illustrates the fact that art made for television encompasses much more than our usual models of production, presentation and appreciation of single art works.

Claudio Goulart