about Art Zone Foundation
Art Zone Foundation is a non profit organization based in Amsterdam.

Launched by multi media artist Claudio Goulart, Art Zone continues to administer his work, including the internet project PRINTOUTS. Anyone can use Printout work in exhibitions or publications. Please let Art Zone know if you do.

Art Zone supports, stimulates and initiates the loan or purchase of Claudio Goularts video works, photography, objects and installations.

The foundation also supports new art projects in the spirit of Claudio Goulart.

Art Zone Foundation (K.v.K. 41207466)
Prins Hendrikkade 22 - 1012 TM Amsterdam
contact (chair man home)
martham.hawley@gmail.com or 020 6157589

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Claudio Cezar Camargo Goulart
1954, Porto Alegre, Brazil - Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2005

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